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The Framer's Corner: Glazing

Here at Island Expressions we specialize in conservation custom framing.  That may just sound like a fancy term, but it actually refers to a certain standard of framing materials and practices which preserve your artwork. There are many different components of conservation framing which protect the object being framed from harmful environmental factors. Through our newsletter, we hope to educate our customers about the importance of each component starting with the glass selection.        Glazing is a very important part of conservation framing.  You always want to choose glass that filters out the harmful UV rays.  Whether or not your artwork is in direct sunlight, it still is exposed to UV rays through the windows in your house.  You would be amazed at the artwork that we see that is permanently damaged and faded from being framed with regular glass.  Your selections in conservation quality glass include both a clear and reflection control option that block out 99% of the UV rays.  Our preference for the best clarity and protection is Museum Glass. This glass is amazing and nearly invisible!   Often when Kathy and I are using it in the shop, we cannot even see the glass  when we put it on the artwork.  You honestly cannot even tell if there is glass in the frame. Museum Glass also protects by blocking out 99% of the UV rays.  We have been using Museum Glass more frequently as our customers see the value of having an unobstructed view of their artwork.  We also have switched out the glass on a lot of pieces for customers lately.  If you have a framed piece and you are happy with the frame and mats, but cannot get rid of the stubborn glare, we can just switch the glass for you. Stop in the shop and we would be happy to show you the selections in person and work up an estimate for you.  The picture below shows you a comparison between Conservation Clear and Museum Glass.  Yes, there actually is glass on the right side! 


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